Mānuka Bud Earrings

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Mānuka buds on hoops. Each bud is picked and cast individually, no two buds are the same.

Mānuka trees are native to Aotearoa and a very hardy plant. Made from recycled solid 9ct gold or sterling silver.

Hand finished in Mohua, Golden Bay. Hoops are by Jane Cassie. Best if you keep the hooks close to your lobe.

If you want to buy a single Mānuka bud please select at drop down. Please note the wee loop is small, fits onto Jane's hoops but will not fit over chain clasps unless you put on another ring.

More gold are being made, silver in stock!

Sold as a pair or as single Buds
Hoops measure 1.5cm in diameter, loop on Bud measure 2-3mm in diameter
Made in Aotearoa, New Zealand
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