Handwoven Handspun Baby Blanket

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Baby blanket beautifully handspun, handwoven and dyed by Doe Arnot and designed by me (with the help of Doe)! The edges are hand crocheted. They make a wonderful gift.

I wanted to create some very soft and warm baby blankets with Doe who I met in Ōamaru a couple of years ago. Do visit The Textile Emporium if you are heading there. Right next door I bought a second hand book on weaving. These blankets came about from that book and our meeting.

The browns are Haunui wool, undyed. The other colours are Haunui that has been overdyed.

Red: Madder
Blue Green: Synthetic
Green: Indigo and Rhubarb
Lilac: Cochineal

100% Haunui Wool
Approx 87cm x 87cm

Cool hand wash only, using a nuetral ph detergent, dry flat.
You can pin it when damp to the shape you'd like and wait until it's dry to unpin!

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